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Meet Option Driver, your new compensation consultant.

Every company should be able to design a competitive compensation plan without breaking the bank. Use integrated public and private company compensation data to get and keep the right employees.

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Automated leveling lets you analyze your company against market data without picking job codes.

Eliminate wasted consulting hours spent on mapping job codes. Don't waste your valuable resources on something that can be solved with a cloud-based platform. Spend your time and money on what's important: your employees.

Model infinite cash and equity scenarios tailored to your workforce.

Understand how different data cuts, retention, bonus and merit programs affect your budget. Build salary bands for every department and level and choose the best mix for your company needs. Then use the board-ready reports to bring these strategies to life.

How doesOption Driverwork? 5 simplified steps.

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Scrap the outrageous consulting and data fees.

Build competitive compensation plans starting at $1500.

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Collaborative compensation data for over 3000 private companies.

The most relevant source for private company compensation data - all departments and levels included plus option pool benchmarks at no cost.

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All the data you need.

Executive and Staff Data

Ownership Data

Data by Job Family

Company Benchmark Data

Equity Practices and More

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Option Impact is 100% free for participating private, venture-backed companies. Give us your data and get ours. It's that simple.

Need public company compensation data to understand competitive markets?

You aren't just competing for the best talent with other private companies. To bring awareness to this, we have has partnered with Comptryx to bring you our Global Data Package. Comptryx is a public company salary survey with an impressive customer list of premier technology firms offering a robust database second to none. It is best utilized for staff level cash compensation where individuals may not receive enough equity to accept significant cash discounts. Best practice at an unbeatable value. This package represents the most inclusive and up-to-date compensation data available to private companies at a 35% discount.


Exclusive pricing for Option Impact users: $2,000/year.
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