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Option Impact for VCs

Option Impact supports real-time decision making that enables your venture partners to act quickly and wisely in building value for portfolio companies.

A subscription to Option Impact provides all needed components of a great compensation benchmarking data service for a venture firm through two vehicles: The Option Impact online system and, if electing to participate, the portable, Excel-based VC Executive Compensation Survey (VCECS). Whether using the online system or portable report, data may be filtered by founding status, region and industry and viewed by funding round/capital raised, annual revenue, number of employees, development phase and company value. For a complete product description, please review the VC Product Overview via the link on the right.

Subscription alternatives are structured to facilitate the benefits that your firm would like to provide to its partners and portfolio companies.

  1. A subscription to Option Impact’s online system WITH participation in the annual VCECS

    Benefits: All participating portfolio companies receive a VCECS report and trend report at no charge.

    Our venture customers agree that the cornerstone of a successful data product is an effective marketing program to portfolio companies. As such, this subscription provides a substantial discount for firm communication of the annual VCECS to portfolio companies and agreement to use of the firm logo in marketing campaigns.

  2. A subscription to Option Impact’s online system only
    Benefits: No benefits for portfolio companies.

Please select the subscription option desired by your firm.

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