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Startup compensation tools built with unparalleled expertise. We get it.

Option Driver

The Future of Compensation Consulting.

When you hire a consulting firm to develop a compensation plan, the majority of your fees go toward picking job codes, basic levelling and analysis. Consultants should be paid for high level expertise in solving unique problems. Why pay hourly consulting rates for services that can be solved in an automated cloud-based platform?

We have seen it all.

We work with the top tier of investors and the most cutting edge companies on the planet. From the onslaught of Chiefs to the emergence of critical positions in the design arena, we are uniquely positioned to realize market changes and share our knowledge with you.

Unsurpassed value for your investment.

In the age of immediate information and social sharing, we guarantee our value proposition. We encourage you to compare our services to other providers. You'll see that our products deliver unsurpassed value and are the only products positioned to efficiently deliver the information critical to your company.

  • The most widely used executive compensation report for private companies.
  • Participants receive the complete final report which covers all C-level and VP job positions.
  • Benchmarks include base salary, bonus, total target pay, and % total equity.
Option Impact
  • 3000 participants. The largest database of private, venture-backed companies.
  • Compensation data for all levels of the organization.
  • Benchmarks include base salary, bonus, total target pay, % total equity and equity value.
  • Company and employee level ownership data.
  • Option practice reports including refresh grants, vesting schedules, and merit budgets.
  • Participants may add-on global, public company compensation data at a significantly reduced rate.
Option Driver
  • Integrated private and public company compensation data.
  • Automated job leveling – No more mapping!
  • Develop competitive compensation programs including retention, merit, and bonus plans.
  • Compare competing offers with a value proposition generator.
  • Quickly gather market data to price a job and view market ranges.
  • Board ready reports covering every aspect of a custom compensation plan.